Unnecessary Farce

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Unnecessary Farce

Paul Slade Smith

A funny classic style English Bedroom Farce!

2 Cops. 3 Crooks and 8 Doors. Go! In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is to meet his female accountant, while in the room next door two cops are trying to record the meeting.


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Unecessary farce crew

Unnecessary Farce

Written by;

Paul Slade Smith


MAR 6th - 28th, 2020

Fridays and Saturdays

7:00pm Doors Open

Robert Glanville


Maile Thow

Assistant Director

Damian Sacco

Damian Sacco

Eric Sheridan

A bookish, even-keeled police officer who’s thrown into some difficult situations — while not wearing any pants.

Tyne Sacco

Tyne Sacco

Karen Brown

An accountant who usually has a very professional demeanor, but seems unable to keep herself in control today.

Jenelle Robartson

Jenelle Robartson

Mary Meekly

The Mayor’s wife. Small statured, she seems very sweet natured, and a good match for her husband the mayor.

Jeffery Rodgers

Jeffery Rodgers

Agent Frank

Town Hall head of Security. Although he can seem confident and even gruff, in moments of crisis he is easily reduced to a very frightened man.

Greg Poppell

Greg Poppell

Mayor Meekly

A sweet, gentle fellow, who seems very Innocent (with a capital I)

Daniel Poppell

Daniel Poppell


A professional hit man who’s accent gets thicker the angrier he gets, until he’s completely indecipherable.

Braeyln Preston

Braeyln Preston

Billie Dwyer

A police officer. Eric’s partner. Although she seems to lack every skill needed for police work, she is enthusiastic and eager to succeed.

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